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  1. Are the models contained here free to use? - Yes. All my models are free for non-commercial use.

  2. And for commercial projects? - For commercial projects you will need to contact me directly so we can see the legal issues. The textures used on my models have rights against commercial use.

  3. What if I use my own textures on models? - In this case it becomes more practical, however you will have to contact me so we can see a symbolic fee for commercial use, the price will depend on the number of models chosen.

  4. Can I modify the .FBX files without authorization? - Yes, you are free to tailor my models as you wish, as long as you continue to give credits to me in your project.

  5. Do I need to give credits to your models in my game? If so, for whom? And where? - If you are not a donor by Patreon, the credits are required if you use my templates in any of your projects, donors starting at $ 10 at Patreon do not need to give credit unless they want to. The place to be added these credits is at your discretion, start screen or final credits, you decide.

  6. Can I distribute your templates on my website or blog? - No way. If you want to do this, please report the link on my website or facebook so that the person can get the data direct, this way you help to share my work.

  7. Are your models ready to use in SGB? - Yes, my templates are already in the format .FBX, accepted by SGB. However make sure to save my models in a folder separate from the others, if there is any texture with the same name, it will be overlaid.

  8. What can I do for safety? - Always back up your files before installing a new template, or see if there is no texture with the same name in the folder where it will be installed. Some models will always be updates for improvements., in case you have changed any texture or .FBX files, it will be replaced if you do not back up.

  9. I have a model in mind but I do not know how to model. What can I do? - Depending on the model type, I can model for free and make it available to everyone, it will not be exclusive to you only. If you want something exclusive, there is a reward for donors of $ 15 at Patreon which is entitled to an exclusive model per month.

  10. Are the templates fully optimized for use? - In parts yes, the textures are always in normal size without any type of indexing, edit the textures and lower the quality or increase according to your needs. The 3D models are fully optimized, there are some small bugs in relation to the SGB that I still can not decipher 100%. But rest assured that they are all tested by me directly in the program and I do not provide any defective model.

  11. I downloaded a package and came a thumbnail folder, what would that be? - This is one of the bugs reported in the previous question, with each file import, the SGB generates a miniature based on the 3d model, I still have not been able to decipher this as mentioned before, to remedy this problem, some models will be sent with a custom thumbnail. Just install the .fbx and then copy the thumbnail and paste it into the same folder where the .fbx file is.

  12. I can not correctly preview the 3D model preview below the thumbnails in SGB. - This is one more problem that I have with my models and still has no solution. That is why it is extremely important to always use custom thumbnails. I am in contact with the developers of the SGB so that they can help me in this problem. The models that are being corrected I will be notifying on facebook or here on our news page.

  13. Some templates do not have custom thumbnails, how do I create them? - This is simple, just open the folder where the .fbx files are, and check the created thumbnails, if you do not see it, activate the hidden files in your operating system. Once this is done, open the file in some photo editor like Photoshop, edit as you wish and save. The created thumbnail is 64x64px, the format is .BMP.

  14. Can I use the templates in other engines, such as Unity for example? - Yes you can. Just follow all the rules contained here, they are valid for any engine.

  15. There is a template of yours with a texture of mine without authorization. - In that case, please contact us urgently, at no time do I intend to steal any artist's rights. The textures are always taken from the portals of the artists themselves, there is always someone who wants to win over the work of others, and make the file available as if it were the creator.

  16. Will the models be free forever? - This is the initial intention, although I do not know if I can keep the models free forever, I am counting on the support of the community to help me in Patreon. If all goes well, they will always be free, if at some point I see that it is no longer possible to keep them with the donations, I will make the commercials, unfortunately.

If you have any questions that are not on this page, please contact us.

Sorry for English, I do not know the language correctly. If you speak English fluently and see some error, please let me know.

You are not authorized to share or sell content on this site.